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Connecting the 
Campus Student
to the Church


You vitally need a Christian community on campus and in church. Christians aren't meant to survive on their own. Let us help you get connected to a church family near you! If we don't already have a chapter on your campus, we can work together to build it! Click the link below to get in contact with us.


What is God's purpose for your life? To get a degree? Make money? Start a family? Although those things might be a part of it, God has ultimately called you to be a faithful follower of Jesus who calls others to follow Jesus. Is the Great Commission your mission?

Your Walk with Jesus

We want to help you be the best disciple of Jesus that you can be! check out these resources to help you in your walk with Christ, relationships with other believers, and sharing your faith with the unsaved. Click the link below to find some sample resources for your spiritual benefit.

I had this feeling that God was out there, but not that God was in me, and what I found was that there was just a sense of discouragement and an array of questions I had that nobody could answer...I really came to believe that Jesus Christ died for me and for my sins and that by accepting him into my heart I could be saved and have assurance of my salvation.

I credit a lot of my Christian growth to Cross Impact, because it was through that ministry that I really came to know what it meant to be a Christian on a day-to-day basis."

Kaitlin @ CU Boulder

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