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First Steps to Campus: How to Charter your Campus Ministry- Part 2

In our last article, we shared 3 important steps to take if your church is considering starting a campus ministry. Read that article to see what those first 3 steps were. We’ll continue this article with 3 more important steps.

4. Visit your campus.

One of the best ways to get to know your campus is to spend time there. Take a walk around! See what campus life is like. If you know someone who already knows the campus well, ask them to give you a tour!

Look for the key “hubs” of campus. Try to find out where students connect the most.

What if you spent 2 hours of your sermon prep each week on campus? Make it a part of your routine. As you do so, pray that God will help you to build relationships with students on campus. If you make a habit of being there weekly, God might open up some “divine appointments” for you. Also, scheduling in some on-campus time helps you understand the overall feel of campus life.

5. Complete the RSO process.

Once you meet all the necessary qualifications to become an RSO on your campus, go through the process of becoming an official RSO. This process will be done mostly by your organization's first student president. Most campuses require that the students fill out and submit the forms to officially become an RSO. Also, in order to be registered by the fall semester, this process usually occurs during March/April of the previous school-year.

The following are some resources that you might need which Cross Impact National will help you with:

  • A sample constitution

  • A sample doctrinal statement

  • A Cross Impact logo for your chapter

  • A personal consultation with our director or another Cross Impact representative

6. Join up with Cross Impact National.

This could happen anything during the process, but it would be a joy for us to officially partner with you in this great Gospel work! By joining up with Cross Impact, you’ll receive the following:

  • Graphics to use for your chapter, including…

    • Cross Impact National’s logo

    • Your own local logo, customized for your campus colors/design

    • Social media templates

    • Documents/handout templates

  • Biblical Studies written and used by Cross Impact partners

  • A network of other campus ministers to talk to

  • Prayer partners in your ministry

  • Visits from our Cross Impact National Representatives

  • Online Good Drive access for your chapter (including emails, online storage, etc.)

How do you join? Fill out a chapter application online at or we can provide a hard copy for you. After it is submitted, our home office will contact you.

Once you’re approved on campus and signed up with Cross Impact National, congratulations! God has opened the door for your church family to begin this exciting, strategic ministry on your campus!

To request an application or for any other questions, go to

Did you miss the first three steps from our previous article? Find it by clicking here.

If you want to learn why it's important to charter on campus, check out this previous article.

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