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Why We Partnered with Cross Impact

Whitney Hamblen is the Director of Ministry Expansion at Calvary Bible Church of Lima, OH. Her father, Keith Hamblen, is the senior pastor of that church. After years of evaluating their city and praying for open doors for the Gospel, God led them to partner with Cross Impact as they sought to reach the colleges in their town, starting with Rhodes State College in Lima. Read her testimony on how Cross Impact was able to help them as they got started!

Our pastor has had a burden to reach the three college campuses in our city for decades, but we have not had the manpower to launch into the college world until the last year or two. Cross Impact has been a huge boost in getting us started. Here are a few reasons we think becoming a chapter of Cross Impact will benefit you.

  1. Starting a Bible study on campus resembles marketing a new business, to use secular terms. You need a brand— a logo, slogan, and advertisement ideas. Cross Impact provides a brand and even better, a staff that is willing to advise you about marketing and help create advertisements unique to your location to help get you going.

  2. Secondly, beyond marketing to students, of course you need Bible studies to use once your student organization has begun meeting regularly. Cross Impact provides a nice selection of studies on different themes to choose from.

  3. Thirdly, what better reason to join Cross Impact than to know that they are praying for your chapter specifically on a regular basis! We appreciate the biblical positions of Cross Impact as well as their burden to pray for their college ministries everywhere.

If you are like us and have never done campus ministry before, you will find that the Cross Impact corporate staff serves as a great resource for your questions and for patterns to mimic until, and even after, you have established your own rhythm and routine on campus.

If you are interesting in starting a campus through your local church, we would love to connect with you! Fill out our interest form or reach out more directly from our contact page.

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