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Growing Deeper with Jesus

Other Resources

There are many great Bible study resources out there, but here are a few that we suggest!

This book is a classic. In a helpful, detailed manner, this book will challenge you in the process of observation, interpretation, and application. This is a must-read for the believer who wants to become a more skillful student of God's Word. 

Click here to find it online.

"Grasping God's Word" is an even more detailed work on hermenueutics (how to study the Bible). This book helps you understand how to skillfully "cross the bridge" from the original audience to our modern-day audience. This book will take work to get through, but if you earnestly want to grow as a Bible student, this will help you a lot!


There is also a helpful workbook that can help you practice what each chapter teachers.

Click here to find this book online.

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On our Cross2Campus blog, we have articles for students and leaders alike about doing ministry on the secular campus. 

Check the image here to see an article about how to study your Bible better.

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