Cross Impact Ministries National Director, Steve Pettit, was introduced on Thursday, May 8th, 2014, as the fifth president of Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. You can read the official release from BJU here.

Pettit served as national director of Cross Impact for nearly three years, helping to solidify a foundational philosophy for the ministry of growth and strengthening by Biblical discipleship. His influence, while brief in time, was helpful and encouraging to existing and new chapters around the country.

“Personally and professionally I’m extremely thankful for Steve’s impact in my life,” said Paul Whitt, Director of Communications and Training of CIM. “I’ve worked with Steve for the past nine years, including the same ministry for seven of those years, and he has had a profound influence on me in so many ways. He has discipled me, corrected me, confronted me, taught me, and loved me. He has helped fan the flame of my love of Christ and the Word of God during this time. He has taught me how to lead, and how to respond to adversity. He and Terry have generously provided for our family, and been wonderful examples of Christ and His love for us. I have always been struck by his humility and teachability for a man of such accomplishment and responsibility. And I know this testimony can be shared by hundreds, if not thousands of others they have impacted across the country and around the world. He will certainly be missed at Cross Impact.”

The Summer Student Conferences scheduled for Atlanta and Indianapolis later this month will take place as planned. The board of Cross Impact will meet in June to discuss and determine the future leadership of the ministry.

Thank you in advance for praying for guidance and provision for the ministry.

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