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Semester Start - Clemson Cross Impact

Beginning of the semester!

The first couple weeks of campus ministry are the most crazy, hectic, and crucial times for the ministry leader! There are lots of opening activities like organization’s fair, there are lots of freshmen who are looking for spiritual influences, there are opportunities to re-connect with members who attended last year, and lots and lots of details to remember. Here at Clemson, we are prepared to think, speak, and sleep in orange for the first couple weeks! The first thing we try to do is help freshmen move in to their dorms, which means lots of trips up and down the stairs, but as usual it is a good time to serve and connect with students. Once they’re settled in, we have specific times during the next week where we intentionally meet students to introduce them to Cross Impact.

Going into the first Bible study of the semester is always a little nerve-wracking because you have no idea who, of the 300-400 students you’ve talked to, is going to actually show up! It is always exciting to see many new faces the first night, several of whom were committed Christians looking for a good place to get plugged in, and others who just wanted to see what all the hubbub was about! At the first meeting, Bert Campbell usually gives a call to salvation using the story of his own conversion, and we get some good spiritual conversations after that meeting (over ice cream, of course).

As we get into the semester, we still see some new faces come into Bible study, and are always excited about seeing all of our members connect spiritually together. Our goal is always to see students grow closer “to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ!”

~ Eph 4:13

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